Todays Hot Color: BLUE

Painting with color can be intimidating, even for professionals.  It is hard to tell how a room will turn out until all the paint is on the wall, and even then, sometimes it can take a day or so to really see true color.  Practice makes perfect with the world of color, and today I'm passionate about blue!  So today think BOLD and see if blue is the color for your home, and if you not sure, call a pro like me!

Blue is a great bedroom color because it is a relaxing and tranquil!

Wow, this is teal and it's fabulous!!

Thanks to West Elms catalog, you can now see their line of rich Benjamin Moore paints

This butlers pantry is featured in this months Elle Decor, but I can certainly see an entire kitchen in this incredible color!

This deep, rich color is perfect for a room with good light, maybe even used as an accent color!


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