Black, White, and Mod.....

There is something a bit beautiful about a rain drop just sitting on a pane of glass.  Have you noticed how the reflection shows so much contrast between black and white, but also adds a bit of color from it's surroundings?   "Why can't design be the same?" I asked..... "It can!", I said.

  A bold contrast between black and white has long since been a "hot" design trend, and will continue to be fabulous!  I think we can all remember the stark contrast of black and white on those diner floors, the "groovy" geometric patterns on clothing in the 60's, and now the continued love of these two "non-colors" living in harmony!  There are really no rules when it comes to adding this to your style, but if there is one lesson I can teach, don't over do it!!  Keep it classy and simple, and for an added boost of fun, add a bright color to make it pop!  Perhaps it's because I'm on a yellow kick, but yellow screams happiness and light, and what better balance to a stark contrast than just that.

  Take for example this treasury I created which is almost exclusively in black and white's, but to make it my own, I added a punch of yellow.  Using neutrals such as black and white is a great foundation for a design, just keep it simple, and you'll go far!

Art vs. Books

In our society today, we're beginning to lean away from the traditional paper book.  Whether hard or soft back, a physical book may be a vintage item in our near future thanks to electronic book systems such as Kindle.  Now I myself am not sold on the whole idea, and it brought to mind a design style that is highly debated.

  Some say it's a new trend, others say its been used for years, but is hanging art on a bookcase a good design?  Yes, it's going to potentially cover some books and make it more difficult to access them, but to me it brings to life the systematic geometry of a traditional built-in.  Shelf shelf shelf..... shelf shelf shelf, and the only thing to break that up are the books you put in it, or the various knick knacks you choose.  What better way to break up the monatoany of a bookcase than to add a dimensional piece hung from the front?

  So what do you think.... is it a silly, impractical application or a unique twist on the typical built in??

Etsy Interior Design

Hi my name is Jessica and I'm an Etsy addict.....

It's true, I'm not only a seller on Etsy, but also a buyer and a stalker.  I can spend hours looking at the thousands of items on the site, when I have nothing in particular that I'm looking for.  I suppose it's similar to Facebook stalking, where you creep around looking at photos of people you barely spoke to 10 years ago.  Today I decided to be productive with my Etsy stalking, and found a collection of new favorites which I used to create a Treasury.

Now for those of you not familiar with Etsy, a treasury is collection of 16 items which follow a theme of some sort.  One day I did one all about orange, but today I put my interior design skills to the test, creating a bedroom designed exclusively with Etsy products.  What's great about these items is many of them are repurposed furniture or accessories that were either in terrific condition or have been given a facelift.  What better way to help the environment than by designing with great vintage or handmade pieces!!

Artful Vintage
Click here for my "Bedroom Retreat" treasury

Want me to create a treasury exclusively for you??  It's easy, just contact me!!

Mix It Up!!

So one thing you'll get to know about me, is that I'm not your conventional by the book designer. Sure I can look at a catalog and love the way they've set everything up and appreciate they're merchandising, but who wants their space to look like a catalog... not me!

Today I really saw my own style in's ideabook called Mixed Company. It showcases how you don't have to use the same chair around a table, that mixing it up looks fabulous! Personally I don't love every image, but they give you a lot to think about. Here's my take on mixed company......

**On a small table, mixing more than 2 styles of chairs can look a little hodgepodge. Keep the scale similar and switch up the silhouettes.

**When you have more than 6 seats at a table, have 2 larger and bolder chairs at the head, and maybe mix in a bench on the side.
** Mixing up chairs can be a practicality issue, especially if you are low in seating for another space. Using a lounge chair at your table can double as an extra seat in your living space when you're entertaining

Your home should look as though it's been collected over time.... so have fun with it!!