Mix It Up!!

So one thing you'll get to know about me, is that I'm not your conventional by the book designer. Sure I can look at a catalog and love the way they've set everything up and appreciate they're merchandising, but who wants their space to look like a catalog... not me!

Today I really saw my own style in Houzz.com's ideabook called Mixed Company. It showcases how you don't have to use the same chair around a table, that mixing it up looks fabulous! Personally I don't love every image, but they give you a lot to think about. Here's my take on mixed company......

**On a small table, mixing more than 2 styles of chairs can look a little hodgepodge. Keep the scale similar and switch up the silhouettes.

**When you have more than 6 seats at a table, have 2 larger and bolder chairs at the head, and maybe mix in a bench on the side.
** Mixing up chairs can be a practicality issue, especially if you are low in seating for another space. Using a lounge chair at your table can double as an extra seat in your living space when you're entertaining

Your home should look as though it's been collected over time.... so have fun with it!!


K. Mac said...

i could really use some of this awesome advice in the form of a personal on-site design consultation :)

Jason said...

Really great post, excited to follow other great tips that you share too!

jolee.caldwell said...

Not sure I like such a large picture, but breaking up the monotony is certainly a good idea.

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