Green Products Part 1

This week I've been researching the various design product companies who have made the choice to design and produce in a green manor.  I found a lot of great new lines that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, but today I had to share Mod Green Pod.  As a manufacturer of fabrics and wallpaper, Mod Green Pod is using organic cotton as the base for their fabrics and all organic dyes, while their wallpaper is still a vinyl base, yet it is coated in a water based glaze and only uses water based dyes.  By using these natural products in your home, you'll be creating a healthier environment for your family!

And now for one of my favorite parts of the Mod Green Pod website.... they're room creator!  Take their designs out of those small boxes and create a fabulous space using all of their products.  What a fun way to better visualize the beauty of their products!



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